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CallApp Mod Apk is a free,downloadable application that lets you customize your contacts and caller ID.It also provides you with important details,such as name,email address,and phone number.
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April 18, 2023
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CallApp Mod Apk is a free, downloadable application that lets you customize your contacts and caller ID. It also provides you with important details, such as name,email address,and phone number. You can also view a picture of your contacts and manage their contact lists. It has an intuitive interface that makes calling simple and easy.


Its main features include blocking unwanted calls, keeping your call history organized, and helping you stay productive. It even has features that let you identify callers,check their profiles, record calls, and more. It even gives you access to premium features. What’s more, it’s completely safe to download.

CallApp MOD APK is a free mobile phone application that can be used to manage your calls. You can block unwanted calls and spam and record unnecessary calls. CallApp is similar to Viber Messenger and GBWhatsApp. It also provides high-resolution audio, recording features, and other useful features.


Using the app, you can easily identify unknown phone numbers. You can also save these numbers in your contacts. Moreover, it can help you block unwanted calls and SMS. It will also tell you if the call is promotional. With all the features of CallApp MOD APK, you can easily manage all your incoming calls from one device to another.

CallApp MOD APK allows you to customize your contact list. You can add or remove contacts as per your preferences. You can also add video ringtones for your contacts. Clapp also allows you to customize your phone’s theme.

Features Of CallApp MOD APK

One of the most useful features of CallApp is the ability to record your conversations. This feature is called the ACR recorder. It is very useful for saving important information about a call. For example, if a customer calls to place an order, they can press the REC record button and listen to the call later to find out details about the order. It also records the delivery address. The recording can be listened to at any time.

Theme changer in CallApp

Theme changer is an extremely useful tool in CallApp, allowing users to customize their contacts’ visual elements. Besides this, the app also allows you to block spam calls and other unimportant calls. It works by storing the last five numbers of a caller. So, you will always know who is calling you, even when you’re not looking at your phone.

You can change the color and theme of the caller screen. You can also take a picture or record a video for your caller screen. You can even use it as a video caller id. Theme changer in CallApp MOD APK offers several unique styles that you can use to customize your caller screen. For example, the Amazing color flash alert Call Screen makes your caller screen light up with color when you get an incoming call. This allows you to answer the call quickly.


Another cool feature of CallApp MOD APK is the ability to change the cover picture for each call. This allows you to customize your user experience and make the app more appealing to your eyes. The app also allows you to change the interface of the call screen so that you don’t miss important calls.

CallApp MOD APK provides various features like call recording, caller ID, and block numbers. It also works with other devices. You can use CallApp MOD APK for free on your mobile phone. Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll be prompted to allow access to some permissions by your device.

Automatically blocks spam calls.

There are several free apps available that automatically block spam calls. Some apps will block spam calls to a specific number; others will block calls from a particular area code. Many of these apps will collect your personal information, so they can target the spammers and block them from contacting you. However, you may want to spend a few dollars on a paid app. These apps are worth the money and will protect your phone number and privacy.

Truecaller is one of the best call blockers out there, and it automatically blocks spam calls. The app also reports numbers in real time, allowing you to see the caller’s identity. It is also great for identifying unknown numbers, scams, and debt collectors. Plus, it helps you manage all your communication, from calls to SMS. You can also create a block list for different types of calls and messages, and it even lets you reverse the number if you want to contact them.


Call Control is another popular app that helps block spam calls. This application works by consulting a database of more than 12 million community reports and Do Not Call complaints to determine which numbers are spammers. The app also has preloaded features that will help you identify spammers and telemarketers and block them from contacting you.

You can also use your phone’s “Do Not Disturb” function to block spam calls. This feature is particularly useful for iPhone and Android users and only lets in calls from your contacts list. However, this mode can make you miss calls, so you must make sure you have updated your contacts list.

Another app that automatically blocks spam calls is Robokiller. This application is easy to install and works by identifying spam phone numbers. It can eliminate up to 99% of spam calls and also deploy answer bots to prevent the spammers from contacting you. The app is free to download and works on iOS and Android.

The Call Screening feature in Google’s Pixel devices is excellent, but it’s currently only available in the US and Canada. Google is working on expanding it to other regions. There are several other ways to block spam calls on Android. The fact is that spam is a major problem for Americans, with billions of calls every month. And the trend isn’t likely to slow down any time soon.

Another app that blocks spam calls on iOS is Silence Unknown Callers. This app has more advanced features than iOS 12 and blocks unknown phone numbers. The feature silences call you have never received and automatically sends them to voicemail. Moreover, it prevents unknown calls from appearing in your Recent list.

Recording calls in CallApp.

You can now record incoming and outgoing calls with CallApp. This feature allows monitoring and protecting your personal life from unwanted calls. You can set filter criteria and automatically block unwanted numbers and subscribers. It also lets you save recordings to your device or cloud storage. This feature is especially useful when you’re in a relationship or have children.

You can also record and view a graph of the calls that you receive. To do this, you’ll need to know your contacts’ names. Recording calls is just one of the advanced features CallApp offers. You can also choose to block specific numbers and private numbers. Once you’ve blocked an annoying number, it will simply sound like “You’re busy” or “Out of Range.” This is an easy way to manage your contacts and block unwanted calls.


Another great feature of CallApp is the automatic recording feature. You can record your calls on both incoming and outgoing calls. You can then use these recordings to protect your personal information. These recordings are clear and have good sound quality. They can also be shared on social networking sites like Facebook or Viber.

CallApp MOD APK also provides many other features, such as blocking unwanted calls and spam calls. It also offers various productivity tools to organize call history and manage data. It also has the capability of recording calls of high quality for security purposes. You can use this feature to store and access important information about the caller, including the number.

You can install CallApp MOD APK on your Android device by downloading the app from the play store. It’s free to use, but the in-app features will require that you allow the app to access your device’s system permissions. If you don’t want to install these in-app features, make sure to update your mobile device to the latest firmware version.


CallApp MOD APK offers recording features for incoming and outgoing calls. You can also block unknown numbers and alert callers to callers. The application offers a range of other features, such as a contact guide that shows your contacts. You can even share your recordings on popular social networking sites.

This feature is extremely helpful in capturing important information during a conversation. This feature also allows you to store the recording in a folder of your choice. You can then listen to it back whenever you need to. The recording files are organized by date, making it easy to find and manage the recordings.

CallApp has an interface that’s easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing. You can also change the background image for calls. For example, you can set the picture of your family as your call background image.This increases the aesthetic value of the application. This feature is very useful for people who care about aesthetics.

You can personalize your contacts by using different settings.

CallApp allows Android users to personalize their contacts using a variety of settings. You can add new covers to your contacts so that you know who is calling. Users can also add their own video ring stones to notify certain callers of their custom tunes instantly.

All Android devices supported

CallApp, the mobile app revolutionizing mobile technology, is now available on all Android and Wear OS smartphones. You can use it on your smartphone or smartwatch. Users can now view all relevant information about the caller from their phones or look at their watches. CallApp can be integrated with Wear OS devices so that users can answer calls immediately via their watches without the need to pick up the phones.

Control your dialer and contact management.

CallApp offers a range of features that will help you improve your in-app experience. You can manage all outgoing and incoming calls with the free caller ID. You can report spam calls, block certain numbers from reaching your home, activate the call recorder and interact freely with the dialer app.

CallApp will show all the contact information, including the ID, photo, number lookup and number locator of the caller, birthday, social media, address, email, and other relevant data.

Enjoy having fun with creative customizations.

CallApp allows Android users to modify their contact information, such as the address book, caller ID and dialer settings, and call recorder settings. The app also features a theme changer which allows you to customize the visual elements within CallApp. This makes it more enjoyable for you to use.

Backups are a great way to protect your data.

CallApp users now have the option to back up all their data with a single click. This will ensure that your CallApp data is safe and secure. The app allows you to back up all your caller data by saving them in one file you can find and restore later.

Keep track of your calling analytics.

CallApp now allows mobile users to track their calls and follow who contacted them recently by making your personal calling analytics public. You can always go back to your calling analytics to learn more and to break down your own.

Get the app for free on our website.

Last but not least, if you are interested in CallApp’s mobile app but want to avoid paying premium prices, you can purchase the modded version on our website. We offer an unlocked version of CallApp with no ads and unlimited features. This will let you make the most of the app without paying anything.

Final Words

CallApp is simple and powerful, allowing mobile users full control of their past calling history and future experiences. It can be used to identify contacts or track caller IDs. Incognito calls are a way to protect your personal information. To save important conversations, set up an automatic call recorder. You can block certain contacts from spamming your number. There are many more. Thanks to the modded version, all of these will be free.

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