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Document Scanner Mod Apk is an application that will let you scan documents in the best quality and save them in various formats.
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Document Scanner Mod Apk is an application that will let you scan documents in the best quality and save them in various formats. The software also allows you to add documents to your folders and cloud storage. It has an advanced feature that lets you edit and correct scanned documents.

Document Scanner MOD APK

The Document Scanner MOD APK app will scan your documents into PDF files. PDF files are the most common file type on computers today. They can be used for data storage, email, postcards, and more. Many different types of scanners are available on the market, but most are expensive and hard to use. If you want to scan documents without spending a lot of money, Document Scanner MOD APK is for you.

Document Scanner has a very user-friendly interface.It can also produce QR codes.It can even remove noise from old documents. Moreover, it also allows you to create customized watermarks on your PDF files. It’s a very convenient app that will help you to digitize your documents.

With Document Scanner MOD APK, you can scan documents with the best quality. This application works in both manual and automatic modes. It can process documents quickly and will not cause any problems with your device. It is an excellent option for those who work in the office and have a need to process documents.

Features Of Document Scanner MOD APK

The Document Scanner app has many features. These features include OCR text recognition, Compression, and a User-friendly interface. It also supports Cloud storage. Users can save their scanned documents to one of many cloud storage services. In addition, they can organize their scanned documents right inside the application.

OCR text recognition

OCR is an acronym for optical character recognition and is an essential feature of many scanners, including document scanners. These machines recognize text on documents and will automatically translate them into different languages. The best part about OCR is that it works online, so there is no need to have an extensive language database. The OCR AI feature is handy for translating texts into languages that are difficult to read.Document Scanner MOD APK

One of the most notable features of Document Scanner MOD APK is its OCR text recognition features. This technology allows you to read and convert almost any document into an editable format. With this application, you can scan non-editable documents and convert them into editable PDFs and word documents. This productivity boost is possible because of the OCR text recognition capabilities of the App. You can save the converted documents to various platforms.

Aside from OCR text recognition, the Document Scanner also offers photo conversion features. You can either save the scanned document in PDF format or export it to PNG or JPEG format. You can also select various filters to enhance the quality of the scanned document, organize the docs in folders, add them to cloud storage, and eliminate document noise. This App also supports various page sizes and languages.

Text Scanner OCR is an all-in-one text scanning tool for Android. It has the fastest OCR reading speed and accuracy available in the App. It also has handwriting support, which enables you to convert handwritten data. Moreover, this App supports sharing and importing images from your gallery.

OCR text recognition is an essential feature of data-scanning apps. You should make sure that your Mobile Scanner App comes with OCR technology. This feature will save you time as you don’t have to type the text manually. It can also eliminate noise in the document, making scanning fast and easy.


Document Scanner MOD APK is an app that allows you to scan documents quickly. You can scan multiple documents in one session. You can also change the resolution and quality of the images. It has a simple interface that lets you edit and share scanned documents. It also allows you to add annotations to the document.

Document Scanner MOD APK

Document Scanner MOD APK also comes with a QR code creator. This feature is excellent for those who want to store their documents online. The App allows you to scan PDFs, photos, and more. You can even scan books and magazines. It has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it a breeze to use.

Document Scanner comes with a few advanced features, including Compression. It can also improve scan quality automatically or manually, organize your documents in folders, and upload them to third-party cloud storage. The App also has a Flashlight feature to scan documents in the dark or in low light. You can also easily share scanned documents via messaging apps.

Another great feature is its ability to convert PDF files. It can convert and edit various types of files. In addition, it can sign, copy, and compress scanned files for easy sharing. In addition, you can sign, secure, or erase text from scanned documents. This App also has a powerful editing tool, so you can edit, sign, and delete files.

Document Scanner comes with various features that make it useful for any situation. It can process documents at high speeds and reduce manual labor. It also allows you to work with many different images at once. The application is very user-friendly and comes with various editing tools that help you get the perfect results.

User-friendly interface

Document Scanner MOD APK is an application that enables users to digitize documents quickly. It can handle any document size or format, including PDF files. After scanning, these documents are stored in the Cloud and can be accessed through the application. Users can also create PDF files from these scanned documents. These files can be used to share documents with other users or to store and manage documents.

Document Scanner MOD APK

The Document Scanner MOD APK app has an incredibly user-friendly interface. All the tools are arranged to make them easy to use. It is compatible with several cloud services and is easy to navigate. Users can customize the App’s themes to suit their tastes and preferences.

Document Scanner MOD APK offers easy-to-use features and an intuitive user interface. The App can be used to scan documents, and it even allows users to add text and signatures. It also offers a quick search feature that lets you find documents quickly. It also saves scanned documents automatically. It automatically removes the background of scanned documents, making them more usable.

Document Scanner MOD APK can scan any document. Users can also select a specific page or area of the document. In addition, they can also adjust the resolution and quality of the scanned images. They can even edit scanned documents or share them with others.

Document Scanner MOD APK app supports OCR, automatic conversion of images into machine-encoded text. It offers fast performance and an easy-to-use interface. It also supports the rotation and cropping of scanned images. Moreover, it also features a built-in editor. Users can add and edit text, images, shapes, and tables.

Besides the features as mentioned earlier, Document Scanner MOD APK has many more. The App also allows users to import external images for documents. Another great feature is that users can easily share scanned PDFs.

Cloud storage

The Cloud storage feature in Document Scanner MOD APK enables you to save scanned documents in the Cloud. The application lets you scan and store documents in PDF and picture format. You can also organize them inside the application. Cloud storage is a great way to store scanned documents. With Document Scanner, you can scan a document in less than a second. It also supports the edge recognition feature so that you can save them in the best possible format.

This App can also scan photos and save them as PDF and PNG files. It supports multiple filters, flexible editing after saving, and multiple languages. It also supports various page sizes and is compatible with different Android devices. It also supports search and storage inside the App. Hence, you can share scanned images with others in seconds.

Document Scanner has an excellent QR code scanning feature. This feature is unique among other apps in the market. It also allows you to organize the scanned documents in complete folders. You can even share your scanned documents with others by emailing them to them. In addition to this, Document Scanner allows you to print or fax scanned documents using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. And if you don’t have an Internet connection, you can scan documents using the App and then upload them to the Cloud.

Another great feature of Document Scanner MOD APK is the ability to scan pictures into PDF files. This is very useful when you need to work with multiple photos. You can quickly scan several photos and save them as a public document by choosing the correct size and quality. The application also supports batch scanning.

When using this App, be sure to turn on “unknown sources” on your device’s security settings. Otherwise, your files will not be saved in the Cloud. You can also upload scanned documents to various cloud storage services. You can even store your images on Dropbox and Evernote.

The Cloud storage of Document Scanner MOD APM supports PDF and image scanning and has an edge detection feature. It also allows you to scan postcards and QR codes. And it also supports the OCR text recognition feature.

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