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The famous southerly magnolia ( Magnolia grandiflora) is one of the most famous.But magnolias in general, and especially the deciduous ones, are cultivated in nearly every region within the U.S. From the southern tip of Florida to even northerly Maine and Washington, There’s an agronomic magnolia in your yard.



When planting magnolias, be sure to select the location carefully. They are a widespread and low-lying root systems that could be damaged when transplanting. Magnolias with larger branches have between 30 and 40 feet, making them suitable for shade trees in more extensive gardens. The smaller, more compact varieties look beautiful in borders and as ornamental trees within Asian parks.



Plant evergreen magnolias as early as spring. Plant deciduous magnolias in the fall if you reside within the South and in spring if you’re in the North.


Well-drained, rich in organic matter. It is tolerant of clay, loam and sandy soils.


Evergreen varieties thrive in full sunshine. Deciduous species prefer part shade if frost is possible when blooming starts; plant in a secure area.


Magnolia trees require minimal care and are highly resistant to insects and diseases. They have a lifespan of up to 100 years with the right conditions for growth.



Wide varieties tolerate extreme drought and hot summers and are an excellent choice for gardens that face more harsh climates. However, young trees must be regularly watered until they are fully established.


Magnolias usually require minimal pruning apart from removing branches that have been damaged or crossed or improving the tree’s aesthetics. The best time to prune is when the blossoms have stopped during the latter part of spring or at the beginning of summer. Pruning too late in the season can cause fewer blooms in the following spring.


If your magnolia’s growth is good and is blooming, it is not necessary to fertilize. If your plant isn’t growing well or has yellow leaves, You should get your soil tested. Visit your extension office at your university to find out whether they offer soil tests and suggestions for adding additional nutrients. If you opt to fertilize, you should wait till spring after you have planted your magnolia tree and apply the fertilizer in a slow release as the tree begins to emerge.


  • Magnolias are thought to be the first known flowers, with fossils dating back more than 100 million years ago. Magnolia trees existed before bees, so they depend on beetles to pollinate. They do not produce nectar. They have large amounts of pollen, which beetles consume for food.
  • The oldest trees that are on the property of the White House are two southern magnolias that were planted between the years 1829-1837. They were planted in the name of Andrew Jackson. They were buried in honour of his wife, Rachel who died shortly after winning the election.
  • Magnolia flowers are composed out of “tepals,” a combination of sepals and petals that are similar in size and shape, like water lilies.


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