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WhatsAuto is a popular app from Bringar Apps, which gives Android users access to a full-featured managing tool for their messaging apps. It offers features like planned executions and automated tasks that can increase productivity, as well as the ability to customize settings.
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April 18, 2023
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WhatsAuto is a popular app from Bringar Apps, which gives Android users access to a full-featured managing tool for their messaging apps. It offers features like planned executions and automated tasks that can increase productivity, as well as the ability to customize settings.

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It also allows you to set intelligent replies for any contacts. This will ensure that close friends and coworkers can easily communicate with you through messaging.

In addition, WhatsAuto also supports group conversations so that you can send auto-responses to any groups within your messaging app. This feature is perfect for friends, family members, and colleagues working on teams.

The app is free to download from the Google Play Store but may require some in-app purchases for full functionality. It requires the latest version of your device’s firmware, preferably Android 5.0.

What’sAuto helps you monitor and optimize your messaging apps to avoid data breaches and save important in-app information. It also includes a backup option to keep your data on your phone storage or send it to online drives.

When you’re on the road, WhatsAuto will automatically notify your incoming messages that you’re driving, so they don’t interfere with your safety. It will also let you know when you’ve received a new message so you can respond promptly.

You can set WhatsAuto to send auto replies continuously or to send them after some time delay. This will help you manage your busy schedule and stay in contact with your friends without any hassle.

Features Of WhatsAuto MOD APK

WhatsAuto MOD APK is a free and lightweight application that offers a variety of features. It’s an excellent way to save time and money.

The app also allows you to run multiple accounts through the same application, which is ideal if you have a personal and work phone. This feature allows you to keep track of conversations and messages on both devices without managing two separate apps.

A simple and accessible app

When it comes to messaging apps, there are many options available. Some of them offer great features, while others don’t. However, WhatsAuto is one app that is genuinely simple and accessible.


It allows users to access the full feature set for their messaging app, including automated actions and planned executions. This will help you save time and increase productivity while using your messaging app.

The application also offers a convenient and helpful car mode, which can be used to enable safe Driving. This tool automatically detects when you’re on a ride and takes care of your incoming messages so that you can avoid accidents.

Another helpful feature of WhatsAuto is its ability to back up your in-app data to your phone storage or Google Drive. This way, you will retain all vital information.

WhatsAuto is an easy-to-use, ad-free application offering many valuable Android device features. It is free to download on the Play Store and works well with various devices. It has some in-app purchases, so it is best to keep this in mind when choosing the right app for your needs.

Work with all available contacts.

The WhatsAuto app has many clever tricks, but the one that gets the most press is its ability to automate your text message game intelligently. It also has impressive data that can be mined for gleaming insights about your friends and family. To get the most out of your WhatsAuto experience, you’ll need a little help from a friend.

WhatsAuto isn’t an enchantment by default, but if you are willing to play the game, it will reward you with the kudos of a lifetime. In short, the app is a must-have in your smartphone arsenal.

Enable innovative features for group contacts.

WhatsAuto MOD APK is a powerful tool that allows users to manage their messaging apps intelligently. It offers many automated actions and planned executions that would enable you to save time and make your experience more convenient. It also has a backup feature that lets you keep your profiles if you want to switch from one app to another.

It also supports group chats and enables innovative features for them. This helps you keep your conversations flowing even when you’re busy or away from your phone. It’s elementary to use and enables auto replies with a single touch. You can choose whether to send your messages continuously or after a delay. You can also set schedules to continue your conversations whenever you have free time.

The app also has a Driving Mode that enables safe driving experiences by automatically notifying all messages that you’re on the road. It’s an excellent way to ensure that all your incoming messages are handled and you can stay safe while on the go.

Work well with all messaging apps.

Messaging apps are an excellent way for business teams to communicate and keep in touch with each other. They allow users to get instant updates on what’s going on with the company, which is especially helpful for remote workers who don’t have access to their work email accounts. They’re also a good way for team members to stay in the loop about each other’s schedules, making it easier for them to respond quickly when needed.

As more and more businesses embrace messaging apps, it’s essential to know which ones work best for you and your audience. Finding the right app takes time and resources, so experiment with a few before you decide. It’s also essential to ensure that your messaging experience aligns with your brand’s vision and mission. This will ensure you’re showcasing the impact you want to make over time. The right messaging app can drive significant engagement with your site visitors, so it’s worth the effort to pick the right one.

Build your own intelligent messaging bots.

Building intelligent messaging bots is a great way to save time and improve customer experience. With a combination of artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP), you can create bots that interact with customers in a more human-like manner.


An intelligent bot should be able to understand the context of your conversation, formulate coherent and convincing responses, and avoid repetitive questions. It should also be able to identify and account for users’ language nuances, such as misspellings.

Mobile Monkey’s powerful chatbot platform makes it easy to build and scale SMS bots that engage with leads and customers without needing a separate app. Whether you’re looking to send mass marketing updates or provide instant support, SMS bots can help you reach more people and deliver an enhanced customer experience.

Use our visual bot builder to add SMS and MMS content, including content widgets that allow users to ask quick questions and trigger a new part of the conversation. You can even enable users to reply to a question and receive a personalized response.

Never lose your in-app data.

WhatsAuto is a fully featured managing tool that helps you keep track of your messaging apps. With the app, you can enable several features, including a useful backup option to restore your precious data instantly. You can even customize the app to your exact needs, and what’s more, WhatsAuto is entirely free. The app is a must-have on your Android device if you’re looking for a more innovative way to manage your chats.


The app has a few nifty tricks and deserves a spot on your home screen. So, if you’re looking for the best app to automate your messaging, check out WhatsAuto on ModdroidMod; we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the results! The best part is that you can download and install the latest version of the app without needing a Google Play account or an active subscription. Consider the app your default messaging app if you don’t have a preferred one!

Enable smart replies for any senders.

WhatsAuto MOD APK is an Android app that allows users to set smart replies for any senders. This app is helpful for those who often receive many messages from various sources.

It has a simple interface and works well with all messaging apps. This app also has exceptional features that will help you get the most out of your messaging experience.

You can set the app to reply continuously, after a delay, or only once automatically. You can also schedule the app to work at a particular time, which is helpful when you’re not around to chat.

The app is compatible with all popular messaging apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It also supports group conversations, so you can easily communicate with close family and coworkers.

You can also use the app’s intelligent messaging bots to make your messages more efficient and effective. These bots can fine-tune your automatic options, allowing multiple conversations to be processed at once and making everyday chat more convenient.

Enable schedules to manage your messages effectively.

Many apps let you create and send a photo or video message, but only some will allow you to schedule the content. It’s for more than just business users; anyone can benefit from delivering their news at a predetermined time or date. This feature is one of the most effective ways to juggle your busy work and social life and stay on top of your game.


An excellent way to achieve this is to use a mobile messaging app that allows you to set up your own personal queue to send messages at the right times and in the correct order. This will save you from swiping hundreds of pictures and videos to select the ones you want to see. In the end, you’ll enjoy a happier home life and a more productive work one. Whether you are an avid traveler or a full-time digital nomad, this app will save you the hassles and hassles of relying on other people’s schedules.


With Best and accessible features, WhatsAuto will make sure that Android users can enjoy working with their messaging apps to the fullest. Feel free to make uses of the app to create beautiful and smart chat bots that can automatically fabricate the suitable answers in any cases. And don’t forget to always go for the free and unlocked app on our website, which will allow you to enjoy all of its features without making any payments.

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