USB Audio Player PRO APK 5.7.7 (Paid for free)

USB Audio Player PRO Apk enhances sound quality and enhances your listening experience with useful features.Use the app of the app to connect your DAC using an OTG cable and get better-quality music.
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April 14, 2023
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USB Audio Player PRO Apk enhances sound quality and enhances your listening experience with useful features. Use the app of the app to connect your DAC using an OTG cable and get better-quality music. Enjoy high-quality audio tracks that are up to 32bit/384kHz or more with your modern DAC equipment. Make the most of your smartphone’s audio chips to enjoy incredible music experiences.

USB Audio Player PRO APK


As with many other fantastic audio playback applications, USB Audio Player PRO Apk provides simple and easy applications for users of all ages to benefit from.

Learn more about this fantastic mobile app by reading our detailed reviews.

What is it that they do?

In USB Audio Player PRO Apk, Android users will be able to gain access to the ultimate audiophile tools for mobile devices. Use the application to play your top-quality audio files to their highest potential. In addition, you can also promote your existing audio or sound files by giving them beneficial enhancements and boosts. For those who are curious, you can connect your USB audio DACs to USB Audio Player Pro Apk with the OTG cable and USB host mode of your device.

USB Audio Player PRO APK

You will experience superior audio quality when compared to conventional sources of playback. Get the most out of your smartphone and enjoy incredible sound quality by using Audiophile, the app.In addition, USB Audio Player PRO incorporates several innovative and intriguing features that aren’t present in any other audio playback software that you may be interested in.


To begin enjoying the incredible mobile device, Android users must purchase the mobile application via Google Play Store. For some users,Google Play Store could be a bit challenging to access. In addition, it also has some in-app purchases necessary to activate the fully-featured playback software.

To ensure that you can enjoy the app in a compatible way, It’s essential to ensure that the app runs using the most recent firmware available. This will ensure that it functions when you choose to install the latest versions. You must also grant specific access rights to USB Audio Player PRO Apk, which are essential for it to work properly.

Additionally, because the app does not require Root permission for operation, Android users can easily use its features and get the most of the benefits.

Amazing features

Support multiple audio file formats

In the beginning, Android users in USB Audio Player PRO Apk can use their mobile application and effortlessly play any available audio files within the application. The amazing playback app for mobile devices provides support for all popular and lesser-known formats, including the 32-bit and 24-bit music formats. The advanced MQA Core decoder allows users to experience amazing audio quality on mobile devices. In addition, with the standard sampling rate, Android users can enjoy the best possible sample rate when listening to their music, even if their DAC isn’t compatible with specific audio formats, which is rare.

For those who are curious, you can benefit from the fantastic USB Audio DAC with USB Audio Player PRO, which can dramatically increase the quality of your music. It is easy to attach your DAC to specific Android devices using an OTG cable. Make sure to enable this USB host mode on your support devices. Enjoy enhanced audio playback by using the latest DACs.

You can enjoy high-quality music on your device.

To ensure that Android users will always have access to the most incredible audio and music via their gadgets, USB Audio Player PRO Apk can provide the ability to stream high-quality audio of any quality and resolution. You can remove your Android audio system to enjoy your favorite audio files in the best quality possible thanks to the support provided by USB Audio Player PRO Apk.

Works well with HiRes chips found on some devices.

However, If your top Android devices have HiRes audio chips, It is possible to use USB Audio Player PRO Apk to improve their capabilities. You can play HiRes audio at 24-bit and then easily override your Android limit on resampling. For those who own LG’s LG V and G series, which was considered the most popular audiophile device, The free MQA decoding is sure to prove useful.

Converting options that are useful for high-quality music songs

Enjoy exploring the amazing mobile application USB Audio Player PRO Apk since it lets you change your local DSD, DoP, and other quality music files. This means that they can be played via the mobile app.

Enhance the quality of your headphones

As well as improving the quality of music files, USB Audio Player PRO Apk will enable you to improve your headphone device with the helpful Tonebooster Morphlt feature. This option allows users to create sound simulations and playback experiences for more than 160 headphone models and brands. In the end, you can experience various audio experiences whenever you’d like. 

Playback options that are useful for your music and audio

To ensure that Android users can make the most out of their music playback software, USB Audio Player PRO Apk offers various beneficial features. You can begin by selecting the preferred music folders to avoid confusion between the different audio folders available on your devices. Use the playback options on networks to play music from multiple websites. Make sure you enable Gapless playback to continue listening to your music without being interrupted. You can also allow Bit Perfect playback for truly amazing music experiences. The beneficial replay gain will ensure you enjoy your music to the max.

Some interesting Plug and Play possibilities

In USB Audio Player PRO Apk , Android users can easily use the handy and easy plug-and-play feature to enjoy music. Listen to local music collections or browse the media renderer or content providers. Simple and fast changes to these files using the WebDAV feature built into your computer. The list is endless.

It is compatible with other streaming music services.

USB Audio Player PRO Apk is also compatible with various well-known music streaming services, such as Last, to let you better take advantage of the playback options on your network.FM, Tilda, Qobuz, and Shoutcast. In the end, you can enjoy a top-quality music experience while streaming audio from the internet.

Equalizers that can be useful to enhance your music

Explore the equalizer with ten bands in USB Audio Player PRO Apk because it allows users to alter their audio experience for every son easily. Enjoy working with the Bass, Mid, and Treble settings, and easily change their intensity according to your personal preferences. Most importantly, you can access the most advanced parametric EQ of the famous ToneBoosters. Experience more personalized and better audio experiences any time you wish to.

Easy and flexible volume control settings

With its simple or dynamic volume settings, USB Audio Player PRO Apk will also let Android users enjoy an incredible music playback experience. Enjoy the astonishing hardware and software volume controls that will allow you to establish your preferred volume levels. The comprehensive and dynamic control options will enable you to use the application fully.

Download the free and unlocked mobile application on our website.

As the app is advertised as a price-based application in Google Play Store, and since it is priced as a paid app on Google Play Store, it includes in-app purchases, it will require an enormous amount of dollars to unlock the entire mobile app. Therefore, Android users might rather want to download their free, unlocked mobile application on this website. Just download and install USB Audio Player PRO APK on our site. Follow the steps, and you’ll be set.

Final decisions

With interesting features and practical playback options ideal for audiophiles, USB Audio Player PRO Apk is a fantastic application for those who want to experience better audio using Android devices. Enjoy listening to your music in a high-quality quality experience with immersive audio and create your own individualization. All of this will be included with USB Audio Player PRO.

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